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To my fellow South Africans

I recently finished reading Dr Mamphela Ramphele’s book, “Conversations With my Sons and Daughters” in which she “urges young South Africans – our future leaders – to set aside their fears; to take control of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in upholding the values of the constitution; and to confront the growing inequality that is undermining good governance, social justice and stability.”

In as much as I (and other South Africans) are aware of the issues that Dr Ramphele speaks about in her book, i.e., rampant corruption, the problems in education, health and housing, the non-delivery of basic services, etc., etc., the extent of the problems in every sphere of government and the apathy of ordinary South Africans who accept this because of fear, loyalty to the ruling party, and general abdication of responsibility made me so angry about what is happening in my beloved country!

This is not just a call to young people – this is a call to every citizen and public servant (I have met and worked with some amazing people in public service over the years), to stand up against corruption wherever they find it, and ensure that those in power are called to account for corruption, inefficiency, non-delivery and incompetence to perform the jobs they are paid for with our tax money, that keeps our people and country from achieving its potential.  There is no excuse for apathy – this is our country and we have every resource available to us to be successful.  Every South African has an obligation to take responsibility as a citizen to stand up for our rights as enshrined in the Constitution, so that we can achieve a better life for all!

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